Black Desert Mobile AFK Bot


Black Desert Mobile bot that mimics real gameplay while you're away. Updated regularly.

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Android Emulator


Made for Android based devices, including phones and emulators.


Ankulua Pro

Powered by Ankulua Pro to automate all game interactions.

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Advanced Features.

- Bot step status - so you know it's running and at what step
- Bot automatic updates
- Track silver gained while running bot
- Recover from lost network/crashes
- Use Chicken Soup - Normal or Advanced
- Option to use stamina at levels you set
- Equip stones
- Check notifications
- Heavy check - set your weight limit. Go to town
- Inventory full check - try to reduce inventory when maxed
- Collection
- Fuse lightstones, crystals
- Absorb Dark Energy
- Complete Black Spirit Quests
- Use pets based on skills, train pets
- Buy skillbooks, crystals, gifts, fragments in town
- Check shop - talish, free items
- Complete repeatable quests
- Guild - complete 3 daily quests, mileage quests
- Check that you're using your right AFK skill set
- Use skill books
- Complete daily rewards
- Use Black Spirit Skills
- and more ...


Don't miss a world boss!

- Check if boss is up and make your way to it
- Elion and Hadum bosses
- Multiple boss passes also supported
- Run boss rush based on your settings


Go to camp. Complete activities.

- Gathering - foraging, mining, logging
- Collect items
- Encourage and greet workers
- Monument


Great Desert support.

- Go to Black Rock Shrine when up
- Claim daily water
- Use daily water
- Farm in great desert based on your specific settings


PVP Settings.

- Turn outlaw mode on/off
- If killed, move to other locations
- Never be caught AFK in a guild war